"Unlike others that ONLY offer media training and public speaking, I am easily able to extend my vast understanding of residential and commercial real estate trends and marketing to my clients!."
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Dave Kohl
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Ideal for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Builders, Developers, and Investors!
As of late 2023 there are more than 1.5 million members of the National Association of Realtors. That number does not include thousands of commercial real estate brokers. Simultaneously, there are more than 2.4 million registered commercial real estate businesses in the U.S.

Add in the number of home builders and commercial developers, and we have more than 5 million people involved with presenting and public speaking specific to the real estate community.

Many, if not the majority, have not yet had any training in public speaking or making group presentations. Those are some of the challenges they face, which could prevent them from securing a listing or sale,costing them valuable revenue.
Real estate professionals often face these challenges:

* Unable to handle media requests or group interview
Dave Kohl offers an unprecedented blend of career experience including radio broadcasting, teaching, public speaking, and providing marketing and market research for hundreds of real estate professionals and companies.

Related highlights include chosen “Business Person of the Year” by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and serving the Los Angeles CCIM Chapter early in his career.

He has provided media coaching and public speaking training for owners and managers of businesses in a variety of industries, whether in the Chicago area (where his office is located) or around the country.

Kohl also worked for several radio stations,including WMET and WXFM Chicago, along with seven semesters of teaching in the radio department of Columbia College Chicago.

Unlike others that offer media training and public speaking, Dave is easily able to extend his vast understanding of residential and commercial real estate trends and marketing.
Ideal for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Builders, Developers, and Investors!

One hour INDIVIDUAL private virtual session: $75

30 Minute INDIVIDUAL private virtual session: $50

Additional team members (2 to 9 people total) at $40 each

Corporate Rate (minimum 10 people), including 60 minute interactive group presentation AND 15 minutes private with EACH participant (up to 50 people): $5,000

Travel expenses also required for in-person Corporate Rate if beyond 200 miles from downtown Chicago.
Book yours now! Weekday, evening, and (limited) Saturday sessions are available!!
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"After I lost out on a Listing Presentation to an agent with 5 years less experience, I knew I had to improve my presentation skills in order to succeed. What a difference!"
Ideal for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Builders, Developers, and Investors!
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"It is how YOU present the property that makes the big difference!"

Make them say YES!!
If you are presenting a property, whether to industry colleagues, investors, or potential buyers/tenants, it helps to consider both the material you are presenting along with how you are presenting it. Messing up one element can easily mess up both.

Here is an example I witnessed a couple years ago. I was watching a broker presenting a single family home listing to a group consisting of investors and fellow brokers. Along with a slide presentation, he was giving details of the property, and happened to mention that “This could also be a good rental property”.

One of the audience members raised his hand and asked, “What is the monthly rental rate in that area?”. That was a very reasonable question, considering that the broker doing the presentation failed to mention an amount. However, the broker’s answer was “I’m not sure”.

If he was going to mention that it “could be a good rental”, he should have been ready with facts to support his statement. No matter how good his slide presentation was to that point, his answer to an obvious question shot down his credibility. This broker should have done the research on current rents nearby while preparing his presentation. If the numbers were favorable, they should have been stated earlier in the presentation. If not favorable, don’t mention the possibility. He could very well have lost out on a couple of potential buyers by not having information which is important to them.

Those that have the combination of a solid presentation AND are solid at public speaking and presenting to others have a much better chance to succeed!
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